Industry Leading Laser Tattoo Removal in Omaha

88MED can help you erase your unwanted tattoo with cutting edge laser tattoo removal technology in Omaha. There are a million reasons why you might have gotten your tattoo. Maybe it was a dare. Maybe it was a celebration of a milestone, or to show your appreciation to someone or something you greatly admire. Maybe you got your tattoo one fateful night that you don’t remember so clearly.

If you’re happy with your tattoo, then we are happy for you! A stylish tattoo can give a person a distinction and raise a certain level of mystery. It’s a great way to express yourself and your values, given the right context and execution. We respect that.

But, let’s assume that you’re not happy, or else you likely wouldn’t be here right now. If you are unsatisfied or even exasperated with your current body art, 88MED can help you with our laser tattoo removal system. Maybe your tattoo is awesome, but you have moved on from it, or want to free up space for brand new creation.


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Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

*Individual results and number of treatments may vary.

The Cutera® Enlighten™ utilizes cutting-edge technology to break down the composition of pigments in your tattoo. It is the world’s first dual wavelength and dual pulse duration laser system, featuring class-leading treatment parameters and customization. We are able to deliver effective treatments with optimal results, even with challenges like size, color and density. You can expect fewer treatments than needed with older technology. This procedure is non-surgical, and the focus of laser tattoo removal is so precise that it will leave the surrounding skin completely undamaged.

  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Better results
  • Fewer treatments
  • Complete precision
  • No skin damage


How much does Laser Tattoo Removal cost?

Laser Tattoo removal in Omaha prices is based on the size of the tattoo being treated. All patients receive a free consultation prior to treatment in order to provide a Treatment Plan and Cost Estimate. Dr. Jackson utilizes the most powerful laser in the Omaha area in order to minimize the number of treatments required for desired results.

How many treatments will I need?

Most tattoos require a minimum of 3 treatments, however, all tattoos are different and results may vary.

Can you treat all skin types?

Yes, the Cutera® Enlighten™ works on all skin types and removes the ink without damaging the surrounding skin.

Can you remove different ink colors?

Yes, some ink colors are more difficult to remove than others and may require additional treatments, but Cutera® Enlighten™ is able to lighten and remove all colors of ink.


Military & First Responder Discount

88MED offers monthly memberships to help clients receive as much value and convenience as possible from our services. To show our appreciation for all veterans, active duty personnel and first responders, we’re offering a deep discount.

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