Hormone Replacement Therapy

Discover the Power of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) for Women at 88 MED

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What Sets BHRT Apart?

BHRT stands apart from traditional hormone replacement therapies as it utilizes non-synthetic, plant-based hormones that are biologically and structurally identical to the hormones naturally produced in the human body. This crucial distinction allows these bioidentical hormones to seamlessly bind with receptors in your body, unlocking their full benefits. When properly dosed, BHRT minimizes side effects, offering you a smoother and more comfortable experience compared to synthetic hormone treatments.

A Safe and Effective Option: Hormone Pellet Therapy

At 88 MED, we believe in utilizing the most effective and well-researched methods for hormone replacement. For testosterone and estradiol replacement, we proudly employ Biote® pellets. These tiny pellets, no larger than a grain of rice, are precisely placed under the skin on the hip/buttock using local anesthesia and a small incision. This revolutionary approach is extensively studied, proven safe, and delivers natural bioidentical hormones from plant sources, replicating your body’s normal hormonal levels.

Unleash Your True Potential: Benefits of BHRT

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy has the potential to positively impact various aspects of your life, helping you rediscover your vitality and well-being. Some benefits include:

  • Relief from Menopausal Symptoms: Experience relief from night sweats, hot flashes, fatigue, and other bothersome symptoms associated with menopause.
  • Enhanced Mood and Libido: Improve your mood, energy levels, and sex drive, leading to a more fulfilling life.
  • Maintain Bone Health: BHRT helps protect against osteoporosis by promoting the growth of new bone, reducing the risk of fractures.
  • Cardiovascular Health: Women on BHRT have shown decreased mortality risk from heart disease and improved cholesterol levels.
  • Brain Health: BHRT has been linked to a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease, promoting cognitive well-being.
  • Individualized Treatment: Our BHRT plans are tailored to your unique needs, taking into account age, body weight, and activity level.

Safety and Long-Term Support

BHRT has been thoroughly researched and developed over decades, demonstrating its safety and efficacy. The bioidentical hormone pellet therapy method provides steady hormone levels, avoiding the fluctuations seen with other forms of hormone replacement. The extensive body of research supports the long-term use of BHRT, even showing potential benefits in preventing diseases such as heart disease, osteoporosis, and more.

Your Path to Hormonal Balance Begins Today

At 88 MED, we understand the impact hormones have on your quality of life. We encourage you to take the first step towards hormone optimization and a healthier future. Our comprehensive BHRT program, coupled with the groundbreaking Biote® pellets, offers an unparalleled approach to achieving hormonal balance and well-being.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

Don’t let hormonal imbalances hinder your journey towards a happier and healthier life. Reach out to us today at (phone number) to schedule a consultation and explore how Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can help you reclaim your vitality. Let us be your partners in optimizing your hormonal health and unlocking your true potential. Rediscover the joy of life with 88 MED’s BHRT program.

Unlocking Your Full Potential: Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men

Discover the transformative power of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) at 88 MED, where we focus on optimizing hormonal balance and helping men achieve a healthier and more fulfilling life. As women have long benefited from hormone replacement therapy during menopause, it’s time to shed light on the equally important and often overlooked male hormonal decline, known as Andropause.

Understanding Testosterone: The Male Hormone

While testosterone has earned the reputation of being the male sex hormone, it may surprise you that women also produce testosterone, albeit in smaller amounts. This vital hormone is derived from cholesterol, serving as the foundation for other essential hormones like estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, and androstenedione. The testicles primarily produce testosterone under the influence of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) released by the pituitary gland. These releases occur in pulsatile patterns throughout the day, with a noticeable morning surge often leading to morning erections in men. Testosterone in the bloodstream is mostly bound by sexual hormone binding globulin, remaining inactive. Only a fraction, referred to as free testosterone, is unbound and capable of diffusing into target tissues to exert its effects.

The Gradual Decline: Why Normal is Not Optimal

As men age, their testosterone levels gradually decline by an estimated 1-3% per year, starting in their thirties. Unlike women who experience a sudden hormonal decline in menopause, the male decline is more subtle, often attributed to the natural aging process. Approximately 50% of men over 55 have testosterone levels below the lowest normal range for young men. It’s essential to recognize that “normal” is a relative term, representing an average level for a wide range of ages. For symptomatic men with levels within the “normal” range, the decision to begin testosterone replacement therapy becomes a matter of informed choice.

The Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The medical literature overwhelmingly supports replacing testosterone to optimal physiologic levels, offering numerous benefits that improve a man’s quality of life. Some of these benefits include increased energy, improved sleep, lean muscle mass, decreased body fat, enhanced libido, and an overall sense of well-being. Optimized testosterone levels have also been associated with decreased risks of cardiovascular disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Dispelling Myths: Prostate Cancer and Heart Disease

There is a common misconception that testosterone replacement therapy causes prostate cancer, perpetuated by a study from the 1940s. However, this myth has been debunked repeatedly, and numerous studies show no evidence of increased prostate cancer risk at optimal testosterone levels. Additionally, testosterone replacement has been found to be vasodilatory, benefiting cardiovascular health, decreasing total cholesterol, and increasing HDL, the good cholesterol.

The Superiority of Testosterone Pellets

At 88 MED, we believe in offering the most effective and well-researched treatment methods. Subcutaneous testosterone pellets have shown superiority over creams, gels, and injections. Unlike oral or injectable synthetic testosterone, which can affect liver metabolism and blood clotting factors, pellets bypass these issues. With consistent purity levels of 98-99% bioidentical testosterone, our pellets from Biote® are unmatched in the industry.

The benefits of pellets extend beyond purity, offering improved serum levels, steady state hormone levels (no peaks and troughs), and no daily application concerns. Pellets offer a simple, yet effective solution, and ensure optimal serum testosterone levels for 4-6 months without the need for constant administration.

A Comprehensive Approach to Your Well-being

At 88 MED, we don’t just focus on testosterone alone. We understand the importance of estrogen in men and its role in maintaining brain, bone, skin, and vascular health. Our comprehensive approach ensures your hormone levels are balanced, optimized, and supporting your overall well-being.

Your Journey Starts Now

If you’re considering Testosterone Replacement Therapy and seeking a well-informed and supportive environment, 88 MED is your trusted partner. Our process begins with a comprehensive evaluation, including blood tests for total testosterone, free testosterone, prostate-specific antigen, and estrogen levels. Based on your individual profile and goals, our team tailors a personalized treatment plan. We recheck your hormone levels five to six weeks after initiating therapy to ensure optimal results.

Take the First Step: Call 88 MED Today

Don’t let hormonal imbalances hold you back from living your best life. Take charge of your well-being, energy, and vitality with Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Schedule your appointment at 88 MED today by calling (402) 334-5433, and let our experienced team guide you towards a healthier and more fulfilling life. Rediscover the joy of life with 88 MED’s TRT program.

Thyroid Optimization: Unlocking Your Vitality

The thyroid gland plays a crucial role in our overall well-being, as it produces thyroid hormone—a metabolic powerhouse responsible for regulating temperature, metabolism, and cerebral function. Beyond its metabolic functions, thyroid hormone also aids in protecting against cardiovascular disease by lowering cholesterol levels. Issues related to the thyroid gland most commonly involve problems with hormone production, either an excess or deficiency of thyroid hormone. As we age, like other hormones, thyroid levels may naturally decline, leading to what is termed thyroid insufficiency rather than true hypothyroidism. To understand thyroid optimization better, let’s explore the symptoms, assessments, and potential solutions.

Recognizing Hypothyroidism: Symptoms and Causes

Hypothyroidism is characterized by inadequate thyroid hormone production. Primary hypothyroidism may result from genetic predisposition, autoimmune responses (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis), or thyroid tumors. Additionally, issues like decreased conversion of T4 to T3 and resistance to T3 at the cellular level can contribute to low thyroid hormone levels. Common symptoms of hypothyroidism include:

  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • Slowed thinking
  • Sensitivity to cold
  • Hair loss
  • Depressed mood
  • Constipation
  • Brittle nails

Identifying Hyperthyroidism: Symptoms and Implications

Conversely, hyperthyroidism is characterized by excessive thyroid hormone levels. The symptoms of hyperthyroidism are:

  • Tachycardia (rapid heartbeat)
  • Anxiety
  • Weight loss
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea

A Comprehensive Approach to Assessing Thyroid Levels

At 88 MED, we take a thorough approach to assessing thyroid levels. In addition to the traditional Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) and T4 levels, we also measure the active hormone T3, which plays a vital role in the body. Most thyroid hormones in the bloodstream are bound to a storage protein called thyroid binding globulin, making only the unbound or free hormone available for activity. By focusing on Free T3 levels and aiming to optimize it within the upper end of the normal range, we can better understand the individual’s thyroid health.

Going Beyond Normal: Addressing Symptoms and Optimizing Free T3

It is not uncommon for patients to continue experiencing symptoms of low thyroid hormone despite being told their labs are “normal.” This can occur due to decreased conversion of T4 to T3 or receptor resistance/blocking. Often, patients who were diagnosed with hypothyroidism and prescribed synthetic T4 products like Synthroid or Levothyroxine still experience symptoms, even with “normal” lab results. This could be due to secondary causes of thyroid insufficiency. Many physicians only check TSH and T4 levels, neglecting the Free T3 measurement, which may mislead them into assuming everything is “normal.” By optimizing Free T3 levels, many patients find relief from their symptoms.

The Path to Thyroid Optimization

At 88 MED, we believe in a personalized approach to thyroid optimization. For individuals experiencing hypothyroidism symptoms, we recommend natural thyroid hormones containing both T4 and T3. Examples of such medications include Armour Thyroid, NP Thyroid, and Westhroid. We adjust the dosing step by step until Free T3 levels are optimized or symptoms subside, ensuring each patient receives the right treatment tailored to their unique needs.

Take Control of Your Health: Call Us Today

Are you experiencing symptoms related to thyroid issues? Don’t let them hold you back from living life to the fullest. Discover the potential of thyroid optimization at 88 MED. Call us today at (402) 334-5433 to determine if you are a good candidate for our thyroid optimization program. Let us help you unlock your vitality and well-being through personalized, comprehensive care. Take the first step towards a healthier and more vibrant life.

Unlocking the Benefits of Hormone Optimization

Do you ever wonder why you don’t feel as energetic and vibrant as you used to? As we age, our hormone levels gradually decline, leading to a range of symptoms that many people consider a natural part of getting older. However, this decline in hormone levels doesn’t have to be accepted as the new norm. Hormone optimization can be the key to reclaiming your vitality and well-being, allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Challenging the Notion of “Normal” Hormone Levels

One common misconception is that what is considered “normal” for older individuals is indeed acceptable for all. In reality, the “normal” range is derived from a broad spectrum of ages, typically from 18 to 80, leading to a wide span of values. An average is determined and then two standard deviations from the mean identifies the “normal” reference range. Take testosterone for instance, in some labs the normal range is defined from 300 – 1100 ng/dL. So, if a 40-year-old man has a testosterone level of 301 ng/dL, he might be told by his primary care physician that his levels are normal. However, he may still experience symptoms related to hormonal deficiency, and the term “normal” may not reflect how he truly feels. Hormone therapy should be driven by symptom relief, aiming to optimize levels rather than merely settling for a broad range or an arbitrarily set lab level.

The Power of Hormone Optimization

Fortunately, numerous studies now support the notion that hormonal deficiencies associated with aging should be corrected to match levels found in younger individuals, and ideally, on the upper side of the normal range. Symptoms related to hormone decline can sneak up on a person gradually, often attributed to being busy, tired, or stressed. The truth is, life doesn’t have to be this way. Hormone optimization can lead to significant improvements in a short period, allowing you to experience life’s joys to the fullest.

The Positive Impact of Hormone Optimization

The benefits of hormone optimization go beyond simply feeling better. It has been associated with a decreased risk of heart disease, strokes, diabetes, breast cancer, endometrial cancer, prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and osteoporosis. Additionally, hormone optimization can increase lean muscle mass, reduce body fat, enhance libido, and stabilize moods, contributing to an overall sense of well-being.

Experience the Transformation – Take the First Step

You don’t have to accept the toll that aging takes on your vitality and health. Experience the transformation that hormone optimization can bring to your life. Many of our patients at 88 MED have shared that they didn’t realize how much better they could feel until they started their hormone optimization journey. If you’re ready to explore the potential of hormone optimization, call 88 MED today at (402) 334-5433 to see if you are a candidate. Reclaim your vitality and well-being, and embrace a healthier, more vibrant life.

Bioidentical Hormones: A Natural Solution for Hormone Balance

Bioidentical hormones offer a unique approach to hormone therapy as they are structurally identical to the hormones naturally produced in the body. In contrast, synthetic hormones are lab-created and although they may have similar structures, they are not exact replicas of the body’s hormones. The key difference lies in whether the body recognizes these hormones as its own (bioidentical) or foreign (synthetic).

It’s worth noting that despite some synthetic hormones having similar names and functions to their bioidentical counterparts (e.g., Provera/Medroxyprogesterone vs. bioidentical Progesterone), they are fundamentally different. Numerous studies have demonstrated the harmful effects of synthetic hormones, while medical literature supports the safety of natural bioidentical hormones.

So, why aren’t bioidentical hormones more commonly prescribed? The answer involves the influence of the powerful pharmaceutical industry, politics, and economics. Pharmaceutical companies cannot patent natural or bioidentical compounds, but they can alter the chemical structure slightly and then patent the modified product. This exclusivity allows them to profit significantly from their patented products, leading them to invest more in research on their own creations rather than bioidentical compounds. Consequently, you won’t see as much advertising for bioidentical hormones on TV, unlike the patented medications promoted by pharmaceutical giants.

Most bioidentical hormones are available through compounding pharmacies. These licensed pharmacies have the capability to provide drugs from pharmaceutical companies, but they can also acquire pure pharmaceutical-grade hormones and compound them into the specific dosage and form preferred by the prescribing physician for each patient. Additionally, some bioidentical hormones are commercially produced and can be found at local pharmacies, but customization of dosages is unavailable at these commercial establishments.

While health food stores may offer natural hormone options from plant and herb sources, the doses are often too low to produce the desired effects in the body and do not require a prescription. On the other hand, compounding pharmacies provide pure pharmaceutical-grade bioidentical hormones that require a prescription and are designed to meet individual patient needs effectively.

If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, we invite you to contact 88 MED today to determine if you are a suitable candidate for our personalized program. Give us a call at (402) 334-5433 and take the first step toward a natural and balanced approach to hormone health.

Understanding Hormones: Our Body’s Chemical Messengers

Hormones play a crucial role in our body, acting as chemical messengers synthesized and secreted by specialized cells in the endocrine glands. These glands include the pituitary gland, pineal gland, thymus, thyroid, adrenal glands, pancreas, testes, and ovaries.

Despite being secreted in microscopic amounts, hormones can bring about significant changes in the body. They travel through the bloodstream, reaching various organs and tissues to exert their effects. The presence of specific hormone receptor cells in these tissues and organs determines their action, which can lead to increased metabolism, protein synthesis, cellular repair, and replication.

There are numerous types of hormones, each acting on different aspects of bodily functions and processes. Here’s a summary of some essential hormones, their sources, effects, and target organs:

Source Gland Hormone Target Organ Function
Hypothalamus Releasing & inhibitory hormones Pituitary Gland Stimulates release/inhibition of hormones
Anterior Pituitary Growth Hormone (HGH) All cells of body Stimulates growth in all organs/tissues, increases protein synthesis, mobilizes fat to be used as energy, inhibits carbohydrate metabolism
Anterior Pituitary Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Thyroid Gland Controls the secretion of the thyroid hormones
Anterior Pituitary Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH) Adrenal Cortex Controls the secretion of hormones from the adrenal cortex
Anterior Pituitary Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Ovaries and Testes Growth and release of female’s eggs, stimulates sperm production in males.
Anterior Pituitary Luteinizing Hormone (LH) Increase triggers ovulation in females; stimulates testes to produce/release testosterone
Posterior Pituitary Antidiurectic Hormone (ADH) Kidneys Stimulates water retention by the kidneys
Adrenal Medulla Epinephrine Most cells of the body Mobilize glucose, increases heart rate, heart contractility, oxygen use and blood flow to skeletal muscles. Constricts blood vessels and elevates blood pressure.
Adrenal Cortex Aldosterone Kidneys Regulates electrolyte and fluid balance.
Adrenal Cortex Cortisol Most cells in the body Increases blood sugar levels, aids the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, suppresses the immune system, has anti-inflammatory action.
Pancreas Insulin All cells in the body Controls blood glucose by lowering blood glucose levels

As we age, our hormone production naturally decreases, and the sensitivity of cellular receptor sites may decline, leading to receptor resistance. This can necessitate higher hormone levels to achieve desired cellular changes and overall well-being. At 88 MED, we believe in optimizing hormone levels rather than simply aiming for “normal” ranges. Research supports the idea that optimizing hormone levels can improve and prolong our quality of life.

While we cannot guarantee adding years to your life, we are committed to adding life to your years. If you’re interested in exploring the potential benefits of hormone optimization, we encourage you to contact us at (402) 334-5433. Let us determine if you are a suitable candidate for our personalized approach to improving your well-being.


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